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Funeral Finance Options

There is no doubt that when you lose a loved one it is a very distressing time. Funeral costs have risen at a rate of 90% over the last 10 years and are increasingly becoming an unaffordable time for families when confronted with a large bill at such a difficult time.

Some families can afford the funeral bill but may prefer to pay over a monthly period rather than a lump sum. Others may take on the burden of the costs whilst waiting for the estate to pass through probate.

Whatever the circumstances we are here to help you, we have an option that could help pay the full cost of the funeral fees and offer an affordable repayment scheme to help you at this very difficult time.

We use a well established legal company Curtis Legal, as a common concern for families at this very difficult time is paying for the funeral expenses. Curtis Legal will pay, on your behalf, the funeral costs in full pending Probate. This removes another layer of financial worry for the family. Therefore, all remunerations, in connection with the funeral, Probate and the administration of the estate, will be drawn from the estate on completion of Probate.  This will remove all the financial burden from the family. The family are then able to concentrate on giving their loved one the send off they deserve.

This option will not be for everyone but if you wish to explore this type of payment plan please do not hesitate to contact us on 01495 224191.